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Chilies are grown 100% organically on our farm using ancient vedic farming techniques to create handcrafted spices full of nature's nutrients. We then use the age-old ancient practice of stone grinding to bring out its distinct natural flavor and intense aroma.


Dried chili has a mild pungency but aromatic flavor with deep red color. It adds depth to any dish without adding an overpowering flavor.


Medicinal Benefits of Red Chilli:

  • Contains vitamins like Vitamin B6, Vitamin K1, Vitamin A, and high in beta carotene
  • Potassium and Copper                                             
  • Contains the bioactive compound capsaicin, which is responsible for the taste and health benefits of red chilies.
  • Powerful antioxidant, which is important for immune function and wound healing.
  • Fights inflammation and pain, promotes digestive health, aids in weight loss, enhances cognitive function

Chilies are cultivated 100% organically on our farm using ancient Vedic farming techniques to produce handmade spices rich in natural nutrients. We then employ the ancient practice of stone grinding to bring out its distinct natural flavor and intense aroma. 

Dried chili is mild in pungency but has an aromatic flavor and a deep red color. It enriches the taste of any food without overpowering it. 

 100% Organic farm produce 
 Strong and flavorful 

Red Chili Powder (Laal Mirch) (100% Natural)

  • Add a teaspoon of chili powder to a glass of warm water and allow it to settle for 15-20 minutes. Pure turmeric powder will settle down at the bottom of the glass. Impure chili powder will not settle down and will leave color in the water. Take a small quantity of the residue and rub it in your hand. If it feels gritty, that may indicate the chilli has been adulterated with red brick powder or red sand. If it feels soapy or smooth or is white in color, it would indicate the presence of soapstone.

  • Botanical Name: Capsicum annum

    Names in different languages:
    English: Chili peppers
    Hindi: Lal mirch
    Bengali: Lāla marica gum̐ṛā
    Gujarati: Lal Marcha
    Kannada: Kempu meṇasinakāyi
    Kashmiri: Marach Wangun
    Konkani: Sukki Saangi /Suke Miriyasang
    Marathi: Lal mirch
    Malayalam: Mulakupodi
    Oriya: Lanka / Nali Lankamaricha
    Punjabi: Lal Mirch
    Tamil: Milakai Vatral
    Telugu: Erra Mirapa Kayalu / Yendu Mirapakayalu

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