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Kolam rice is an aromatic rice variety popularly grown in South India. It is, also known as Lachkari Raw Rice is one of the very famous variety of rice.

Kolam rice is known for its pristine, soft, non-sticky texture and taste. It is medium-sized, tiny, spongy and effortlessly edible rice. It has a milder flavor as compared to the Basmati variety of rice. It is grown & harvested organically without using any chemical fertilizer and does not have any preservatives. In addition to its distinct taste and texture, Kolam rice grown on our farm has a rich aromatic floral fragrance that high makes it more appetizing.

Kolam Rice is an excellent source of starch, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients necessary for a healthy diet. It can be used in our everyday meals like khichdi, rice porridges.

It has long, slender grains with a delicate flavor and is commonly used in a variety of dishes, including biryanis, pulaos, and curries. Kolam rice is also known for its nutritional benefits and is a good source of carbohydrates and fiber. It is often compared to Basmati rice due to its similar taste and aroma. Kolam rice is commonly available in both white and brown varieties, and organic options are also becoming increasingly popular.

Kolam Rice (100% Natural)

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