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Black turmeric, is also known as Curcuma Caesia or Black Zedoary. It is cultivated 100% organically on our farm using ancient Vedic farming techniques to produce handmade herbs rich in natural nutrients. It is a perennial herb rhizome of the family Zingiberaceae.

Rhizome is tuberous with camphoraceous sweet odor, about 2–6 cm in diameter, the shape and size is often variable. It is sessile, laterally flattened and covered with adventitious roots, root scars and warts. It shows longitudinal circular wrinkles on the surface giving the look of nodal and intermodal zones to the rhizomes. It is fibrous with a strong camphor aroma are extremely bitter in taste as they are rich in alkaloids and are of immense therapeutic uses. 

The surface of black turmeric rhizomes is usually covered in scars, root hairs, rings, and nodes, and they have an oval, knobby look with tapering to blunt ends. Moreover, it has dark brown, tan, or light beige skin that feels corky, rough, and tough. The flesh is most significant for its coloring, appearing in dark blue, light blue, cobalt blue, and blue-green tones.  

This variety is considered to have enhanced medicinal and spiritual properties as compared to the regular variety. In ethno medicinal practices, the traditional healers use this for the treatment of various types of diseases.

Sukhi Saboot Kali Haldi Black Turmeric Dry Whole (100% Natural)

Fresh Harvest will be shipped starting 1st March
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